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Home ( the "Website") is an online communication, information, advertising and sales service provided by Bluewater Pallet Solutions Inc. d.b.a ePallet. By using or accessing the "Website", you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions. The agreement may change at any time. If you are to use the "Website" you must review the agreement from time to time in order to see any changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Epallet is the owner of all copyright material on the "Website" and the entire materials and contents are copyrighted under United States copyright laws. Any copying, redistribution, retransmission, or publication of any portion of the "Website" material without the express written consent of or any third party information provider is strictly prohibited. You also agree that any communication you make to the "Website" is not confidential and may be used and reproduced but not limited to all advertising and marketing.


Except for products and or services clearly offered by we do not warranty any products or services on our "Website" from third parties. We are not liable for any damages associated with the pallet supplier and the pallet purchaser relationship. We do not guarantee any of the suppliers or purchasers qualifications whom you have contact via the "Website". All parties must verify the other party’s qualifications in order to conduct business. Epallet is merely introducing the parties involved and providing a platform to the purchases and suppliers of pallets. Epallet is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the "Website" all parties involved should request verification of material related to the information on the "Website". If any misleading or false information is posted on the "Website" epallet will refund the purchaser of that information. Epallet does not guarantee that any information will be virus free. All parties involved in exchanging information should have the proper virus and/or firewall protection in order to receive proper protection and also not open any information from unknown sources. Epallet does not guarantee that the "Website" will be error free or that the site defects will be corrected immediately. The "Website" may incur downtime for periods of time for maintenance or for other reasons not known. You will assume the risk associated with using the site. The links in this site to other sites are not under control by epallet. Epallet is not responsible for your relationship with these other websites.  ePallet reserves the right to broker pallet request in areas with less than 2 monthly members.

Policies of operation:

The following are rules of operation and must be followed in order for you to comply with the agreement.

No person shall post false or misleading information on the "Website" and to do so will lead to banning from the site and legal recourse.

Privacy Policy:

Our policy is to respect the privacy of our users relating to the basic service however epallet may use the information provided by the users of the "Website" for advertising and marketing purposes and other reasons not known at this time but not limited customer profile list provided to third parties. The information provided to advertisers and our own marketing efforts enable the users to get the best experience possible. 2002
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