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Before you can use ePallet as a Supplier, you must register with the site.  Registration is free and takes only minutes.
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General Guidelines for Suppliers

We invite you to become a registered supplier on the ePallet site. This will enable you to receive fax or email alerts as soon as a purchaser places a Request For Quote(RFQ). It will also allow you to post Wholesale Buy/Sell Alerts to communicate your surplus product needs or wants with other pallet suppliers in your area. Registration is FREE!

Please read the following, then register with ePallet.
Thank you!

  • Registration involves filling out general company info. You will also be asked to define your own service area by selecting the service radius in miles from your location. (i.e.100 mile radius) .
  • After the registration process is complete and you have a user name and password you now will start receiving email or fax alerts listing RFQ's as they become available in your area.
  • You may check RFQ activity in you area at any time by going to the ePallet site and selecting REGISTERED SUPPLIERS in the Suppliers section and then Search RFQs.
  • At this point you will enter your user name and password and then the available RFQ's will be listed.
  • The list of RFQ's will contain the date the RFQ was posted, what product or service is being sought, the county where the product or service will be used and the quantity and the frequency as well.
  • In order to view the complete detail of an RFQ you would like to quote on, click on that RFQ number in the list and at that time you will be asked to enter a credit card or debit card number.
  • The fee for viewing an RFQ (Request For Quote) for non-monthly members will range from $50.00 to $100.00 per RFQ viewed.  We also offer monthly memberships which range in price from $60 to $100 per 100 mile service area.  Please call ePallet.net at (336) 697-9109 for details.
  • After printing a copy of the RFQ, you will respond via email, fax, or traditional mail directly to the purchaser (not back through the ePallet site).
  • ePallet is not involved in the actual pallet transaction. (This is NOT an online auction.)

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