“Working for you, our Monthly Members”


To achieve the full benefits of ePallet.net, a monthly membership is the way to go.  For as little as $60 per month, our members receive the services outlined in the table below.  More detailed information about each benefit follows.


Pallet Supplier using ePallet.net

1.  High quality sales leads.

2.  Featured Advertising on two online directories:

       - ePallet.net

       - palletpages.com

3.  Two Free Wholesale Buy/Sell Alerts per month.

4.  Notification when one of your customers tries to use




1.   High Quality Sales Leads:


Pallet purchasers needs are posted on ePallet.net.  For volumes greater than 400 pallets/month, we fax and/or send emails to our monthly members.  There is no fee to view the full RFQ information for monthly members.  Most RFQs are sent exclusively to our monthly members meaning non-members are not notified of the RFQ posting.  Non-members must pay a fee to see the full detail of an RFQ.


      RFQs with a volume less than 400 pallets per month are individually forwarded to the nearest monthly member.


2.   Featured Advertising on two online Pallet Supplier Directories—ePallet.net and Palletpages.com. 

Have you ever done a search for pallets online?  If so, you probably noticed that either ePallet.net or Palletpages.com was in the top three sites listed for pallets.  Both of these sites are directories based on mileage from a zipcode.  ePallet.net monthly members are put at the top of all searches done on either of these sites with a zip code located within 100 miles of their facility.  Members’ listings are also featured in bold, colored print with contact names and/or links to their company email and website.  A brief description of their company and the services they provide is located to the right of the company name and address.  This is a very economical way to have a presence on the internet.  And since we keep one of these directories on top of the major search engine queries for “pallets”, your company is sure to be seen.


3.   Two Wholesale Buy/Sell Alerts per month:

This is a new ePallet.net feature.  Its purpose is to allow our pallet customers the ability to use our comprehensive database and communication platform to alert other pallet suppliers of either 1) items they have for sale such as cut stock, lumber, equipment, excess pallets, etc., or 2) items they may be searching for such as a certain size pallet.  Pallet suppliers enter their requirements online and ePallet.net notifies pallet suppliers in the area via fax/email.  Interested suppliers respond directly to you.  The Wholesale Buy/Sell Alerts have the potential to save your company time and money due to the large number of pallet suppliers in our database.  Instead of phoning 2-3 companies, ePallet.net allows you to notify possibly 100 companies in a matter of minutes.  These alerts will get you better responses and better prices.


4.   Notification when your customers are looking for quotes with ePallet.net:

Possibly one of the most important benefits of being an ePallet.net monthly member is this notification feature.  What it means is that we will notify you immediately if one of your customers is trying to use ePallet.net to get quotes.  You decide whether the RFQ should be broadcasted to other pallet suppliers on our system.  It is our purpose to help your company keep and grow your customer base.  If we were to help one of your customers get quotes using our system, it may be detrimental to you and that customer relationship.  Please keep in mind that sometimes the pallet purchasers will not tell us who they are currently using.  If this is the case, we attempt to find out by calling our members, however, we can only guarantee you will be notified if the purchaser is willing to share this information.   


In summary, ePallet.net offers a lot of valuable information/advertising for a small fee.  It remains our mission to provide you with the best platform that exists between you and pallet purchasers by providing accurate and timely information at all times.


If you have questions or comments about our services, please email us at epallet@epallet.net or call us at (336) 697-9109.