1. What is ePallet.net?

ePallet.net is a communication platform for the pallet industry. Our purpose is to create sales and sourcing opportunities for Pallet Suppliers and to create an efficient Request for Quote platform for Pallet Purchasers.

2. Is there a fee for Pallet Suppliers to register?

No. Registration is free.

3. Why should a Pallet Supplier register?

Registration ensures you will be alerted to all ePallet.net activity (Request for Quotes, Wholesale Alerts, etc.) in your service area via fax and/or email. You also must be registered in order to have your pallet company added to our online Pallet Supplier Directories (www.epallet.net and www.palletpages.com).

4. How can I get my company to appear on the epallet.net Pallet Supplier Directory?

Register as a pallet supplier. A customer service representative will call you within 7 days for verification. At that point, you will be added to the directories on www.epallet.net and www.palletpages.com at no charge. If you would like to be listed in the Featured Section, please call about our Advertising Plans at (336) 697-9109.

5. I am listed on the directory but my information has changed. How can I update my listing?

You may call us at (336) 697-9109 or email us at epallet@epallet.net with the changes. You may also re-register and we will contact you.

6. What is my username or password?

Some computers will remember your username, i.e. cookies setting. If so, click Registered Suppliers from the home page, www.epallet.net. . If your login says “Welcome Back”, you may proceed. When prompted for password, click “Forgot Password” and it will be emailed to you automatically. If this does not work for you, please call us (866) 437-2553 or email at epallet@epallet.net and we will gladly assist you.

7. How do I post a Request for Quote?

If you are a pallet purchaser and need quotes for your pallet needs, click “To Get Multiple Quotes, click here” on the ePallet.net home page. Complete the Contact Form and an ePallet.net representative will call you to complete the RFQ process.

8. Who will see my Request for Quote?

ePallet.net will send your Request for Quote to pallet suppliers that service your area. Only the suppliers that are interested in quoting you will be given the full details of your Request for Quote.

9. How do I access the information for a Request for Quote?

You must be a registered pallet supplier to access RFQ information. From the home page, www.epallet.net, click “Registered Suppliers”. Then click “Search RFQs.” You will be prompted to re-enter your password for security purposes. The active RFQs in your service area should appear. To open each RFQ, click on the RFQ number at the left side of the screen. There is no charge to view the RFQ information if you are on the Membership Plan. For non-monthly members, the access fee ranges from $50 to $125 depending on the size and location of the RFQ.

10. How do I respond to a Request For Quote?

The RFQ information provides complete details for you to respond directly to the purchasing agent. ePallet.net is not involved in the quoting cycle—we provide information, you make the sale. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, however, with the RFQ details you purchase, please call us immediately for assistance (336) 697-9109.

11. How do I join the ePallet.net Membership Program?

Call us at (336) 697-9109 or email us if you are interested in joining the Membership Plan. We require a minimum of 6 months membership. After that, you may cancel at any time.

12. I only need a small number of pallets. How can ePallet.net help me?

Use the Pallet Supplier Directory on www.epallet.net to locate suppliers near you. Call them directly for pricing and availability.

13. What is the Wholesale Buy/Sell Alert?

This is a feature that allows pallet suppliers to use our comprehensive database and communication platform to alert other pallet suppliers of either 1) items they have for sale, such as cut stock, excess pallets, etc., or 2) items they may be searching for such as a certain pallet size. Pallet suppliers enter their requirements online and ePallet.net notifies pallet suppliers in the area via fax/email. Interested suppliers respond directly to you.

Still have questions? Please call us (336) 697-9109 or email us at epallet@epallet.net for assistance. Thank you.

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