1. What is ePallet.net?

ePallet.net is a communication platform for the pallet industry. Our purpose is to create an efficient Request for Quote platform for Pallet Purchasers and to create sales and sourcing opportunities for Pallet Suppliers.

2. Why would I want ePallet.net to assist me with quotes for my pallet needs?

Like any sourcing platform, ePallet.net provides the opportunity for your company to save time and reduce cost related to your pallet purchases.

3. What happens after I submit the Contact Form?

An ePallet.net representative will contact you to obtain additional information, answer any questions you may have and finalize the details of your RFQ. After you approve of the RFQ, ePallet.net will send the information to pallet suppliers in your area. Only interested suppliers will be given the details of your RFQ. They will respond directly back to you with their quote. It is your responsibility to respond to the suppliers that send you quotes.

4. What if I don’t want my current supplier to see the RFQ?

As long as your current supplier is not an advertiser on ePallet.net, we can block the fax number and email of your supplier if it is on our database. It is not our policy to post RFQs on the system if the current supplier is an ePallet.net advertiser.

5. Is there a fee for this service?

No. The service is free to pallet purchasers.

6. Is ePallet.net a broker?

No. ePallet.net is a communication platform for the pallet industry. We send your RFQ to the pallet suppliers. The suppliers will quote you directly. We do not get involved in the quoting process except for RFQ preparation and dissemination.

7. I am not sure if the pallets we use are new or recycled. Does that matter?

In terms of price, it matters greatly. A new pallet will cost significantly more than a recycled pallet. If you are unsure of any aspects of your pallet needs, it is a good idea to ask for supplier visits and possibly samples on your RFQ.

8. I only need a small number of pallets. How can ePallet.net help me?

Use the Pallet Supplier Directory on www.epallet.net to locate suppliers near you. Call them directly for pricing and availability.

9. How does ePallet.net make money?

We offer advertising and sales leads to pallet suppliers.

10. If I buy pallets for more than one location, do I need to submit a Contact Form for each address?

No, you can fill out just one Contact Form. You can provide the other locations to us when we call you for additional RFQ information.

11. Can ePallet.net help me to dispose of pallets?

Yes. You can either use the Pallet Supplier Directory at www.epallet.net and call pallet recyclers directly, or you can fill out the contact form and tell us your situation when we call you back.

Still have questions? Please call us (336) 697-9109 or email us at epallet@epallet.net for assistance. Thank you.

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