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About Bluewater Pallet Solutions, Inc.

Bluewater Pallet Solutions Inc. is a privately held company based near Greensboro, North Carolina. We have a combined 25 years experience in the pallet industry. The owners established the company in the spring of 2001 with a simple goal in mind—to provide an unbiased communication platform for Pallet Purchasers and Pallet Suppliers.

First we put together a large database of Pallet Suppliers covering the United States. Then we developed and launched our first site, in August of 2001. The mission behind is to provide a place where a Pallet Purchaser can place a Request for Quote with our company and in turn we will send out fax and email alerts to Pallet Suppliers in the area. Interested Pallet Suppliers may then quote directly to the Pallet Purchaser. is not involved in the quoting process. We are happy to say the site has been well received by both the Pallet Purchasers and the Pallet Suppliers for both its convenience and simplicity.

The original concept of creating a communication platform for the pallet industry expanded to include another website,, an online Pallet Supplier Directory. uses a highly efficient search by zip code feature that provides a directory of Pallet Suppliers for every region of the United States. The Pallet Supplier Directory was so well received that is was added to the original website as well.

Today maintains the most comprehensive Pallet Supplier Directory on the internet providing effective advertising options for Pallet Companies.

The latest addition to the tools available at is the Wholesale Buy/Sell Alert. Using our database of Pallet Suppliers, allows interested parties to post an Alert that we send via fax and email to Pallet Suppliers in the chosen area. This feature is highly effective in locating potential buyers or sellers of pallet related products on a wholesale basis.

We hope these tools and services will help the Pallet Purchasers and Pallet Suppliers in the communication process of buying and selling pallets. It remains our mission to provide you with the best platform that exists in the pallet industry by providing accurate and timely information in an unbiased fashion.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to talk with you in the future.

Email us at or call us at 336-697-9109

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